“Travel is the one thing you buy that makes you richer”

“You can’t afford not to travel”

A book by travellers, for travellers

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

About the book

This interactive e-book will teach you how it is possible to travel without money.

Dozens of travelers from all over the world, share their advice and experiences of how to travel better, longer and cheaper.

Inside you’ll find tips on how to find accommodation, transportation, meals and attractions on the cheap. At the same time great fun. Our goal is to give you the tools to stop dreaming and start doing. We are also giving 30% of every $3 book ordered to (www.onemilliontrip.com). And you will be entered into a drawing for an all expenses paid trip around the world!

This project all started with Wladek Labuda. A Polish traveler who took a 974 day trip around the world without once paying for accommodation.

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Inside you’ll find ready-made solutions on how to find accommodation, transport, meals, attractions. At the same time great fun. We want to help as many people as the beginning of life’s journey. When ordering one for $ 3 you give 30% to charity and take part in the draw for a trip around the world!

It started from the expedition Polish traveler who took a trip around the world without paying for accommodation. Wladek Labuda. He traveled 974 days to use such sites as:

After the trip he wrote a book. He described it as his journey around the world and the way the dream. He joined dozens of ways to travel without money. The book became success in Europe. Now you can purchase it in English.




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Interesting not only for travelers, for die-hard home birds they can even read what squeaks in the world 🙂



It aroused in me a lot of positive thoughts and desire to achieve your dreams. It reads very pleasantly and surprisingly, some situations it is hard to imagine. I also recommend the audiobook, I let a friend on the road.



The book is really brilliant. I missed only one, at the end of this book such a small shortcut, namely “c.d.n.” because it awaits anyone who reads it “




Wladek Labuda

Wladek Labuda

He traveled around the world three years!Owner and producer of the international Internet channel Fly Away TV. Traveler, graduated in International Relations.

Labuda received the title of personality of the year in Pomerania in Poland and the Audience Award at Colossae for the 2015 Award Halik in Bydgoszcz, first prize at the festival “Totutotam” and first prize at the “Extreme Travel Festival” in Torun. Film W. Labuda titled .: “Nomads” won the prestigious award P.E. Strzelecki. The author of the book (polish version) “How to travel for free”.



Eva is the latest addition to our team. 10 years ago she left her homeland, Poland, to pursue her dream about traveling the world and leaving abroad. Since then she has lived, studied and worked in 10 countries on 4 different continents and travelled to many more. She shares her experiences in her blog comewithme.pl. Eva is passionate about law, currently finishing her PhD in law. She speaks Polish, English, Italian and Chinese. Her biggest passion is boxing, running and food.



Claudia is a free spirit who loves nature. She graduated Faculty of Law but she decided to choose an alternative way of life and live in a hippie community in the mountains of southern Spain. Why? Because she hates the commercialism, conformism and rat race. Her passion are classic literature and discovering the new places by hitchhiking. She is interested in art, especially theater and poetry. Recently she has deepended the secrets of yoga and meditation.



Open-minded developer, don’t like to stuck in one place without action.
Ad-hoc travel planner, gym lover and photographer.
Wannabe. (In positive way)

30 % To charity

30% from selling books goes to charity!