Polish version


This is an interactive ebook showing the best ways to travel without money.

Dozens of travelers from all over the world, share their experiences of how to travel long well and no money.


Inside you’ll find ready-made solutions on how to find accommodation, transport, meals, attractions. At the same time great fun. We want to help as many people as the beginning of life’s journey. When ordering one for $ 3 you give 30% to charity and take part in the draw for a trip around the world!



It started from the expedition Polish traveler who took a trip around the world without paying for accommodation. Wladek Labuda. He traveled 974 days to use such sites as:







After the trip he wrote a book. He described it as his journey around the world and the way the dream. He joined dozens of ways to travel without money. The book became success in Europe. Now you can purchase it in English.